MILV Stocks Rally

milv mistral ventures MILV   MISTRAL VENTURESIn the recent past sub penny stocks have dominated the most active names group, but Mistral Ventures (MILV:PK) is looking to buck that trend. MILV is a penny stock that has been dead for some time since the shares traded at .69 cents back in 2010.

However, volume has recently picked up, and a decent short term chart seems to building. Can you take a two or three week spike in MILV activity as gospel ? No way, penny stock charts are very different from established large cap charts, but you have to respect the increased activity in MILV.

Shares of MILV traded up on 10/27/11 on volume of over 257 million shares on a PR that said that the company had reached an agreement with an inventor of a common cold and flu medicine. Now you have to ask yourself this question. Did MILV secure a remedy that pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer (PFE:NYSE) and Merck (MRK:NYSE) couldn’t ? Well that remains to be seen, but cold and flu remedies surely put MILV on the map as a quality trading vehicle, and event driven news on the matter could attract the eyeballs of super speculative penny stock traders to the name.

MILV For Agressive Investors

On the fundamental side, according to the most recent filing, MILV only does a little bit more than 10k in revenues. Plus, they only have 4.59k in cash. If you add in the fact that they have about 394k in debt, these numbers make MILV a true spec play, basically only suited for the most aggressive investors.

On the technical side, MILV has a bullish pattern, and is trading above its 50 and 200 DMA’s og 0.003 and 0.002 respectively. There is some support at 0.07 , but resistance looms at the psyche level of .10 cents.

Regardless of your bias, MILV remains a company that needs to be added permanently to penny stock lists.

Remember, penny stocks are news and event driven, and despite a lack of revenues of profits, Mistral Ventures could become a go to trading play if a flu epidemic breaks out. So forget the hype of FDA approvals for now, but still watch MILV.

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stock trivia STOCK TRIVIA

1) Who was the first woman to own a seat on the NYSE ?
a) Muriel Siebert b) Elizabeth Dole c) Carly Fiorina d) Gloria Vanderbilt

2) Where did Warren Buffet obtain his Masters Degree ?
a) Harvard b) University of Nebraska c) Columbia d) UCLA

3) Who was the first African American to become CEO of a Fortune 500 Company ?
a) Robert Johnson b) Colin Powell c) Oprah Winfrey d) Franklin Raines

4) Which company is an original Dow 30 Stock ?
a) Intel b) Ford c) General Electric d) Walmart

5) In which year did the NASDAQ Stock Exchange begin trading ?
a) 1928 b) 1962 c) 1971 d) 1986


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SECONDMARKET’S Are Options For Investors

secondmarkets SECONDMARKETSAlthough some astute investors are unaware of the name, SecondMarket’s is the largest player in the alternative investment space. The company has been under scrutiny from regulators. Although SecondMarket’s is limited to “wealthy investors”, the SEC has been concerned with the lack of volume and transparency in these types of transactions.

However, SecondMarket’s does fill a void. They enable employees of sought after private companies to sell their shares to qualified buyers, while their company is private, and before there is an IPO. Now what is wrong with that ? I thought we were in a free market.

For instance, let’s assume an accredited investor wanted to position himself in Facebook or Twitter before they IPO. Why shouldn’t that buyer be able to pay able to pay a fee to purchase shares from sellers who are mostly employees or ex-employees (Who will also pay a fee) who may want to cash out and buy a new home, or pay for a child’s education, or even just simply retire ?

SECONDMARKET’S Investments Soar

Now after reading a recent report from SecondMarket’s they seem to be on the right path. The third quarter generated over $167 million in transactions
,which was up 75% from Q3 from the prior year.

Keep in mind that this trend may increase once more qualified investors actually become aware that they actually have access to Pre-IPO companies that were formerly predominantly reserved for VC type investors.

Speaking of VC, SecondMarket’s also just received $15 million from a venture fund and the company is now valued at $200 million.

So if you are interested in following the VC game and are looking for activity and prices on some of the up and coming, sought after private companies, check out SecondMarket’s website for some quality information.

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Alumifuel Power (AFPW:OB) Shares of AFPW make the list once again. Today the stock was the most active bulletin board name, but closed down 28.13% to finish at 0.0023 on volume of almost 33 million shares.

Genta (GNTA:OB) GNTA is a name that pops on and off this list. Today GNTA was the second most active stock on the OB and closed even at 0.0015 on volume of almost 25 million shares.

Evcarco (EVCA:OB) Is a popular name that is frequented by many sub penny stock scalpers. Shares closed even on Wednesday at 0.0006 on volume of over 21 million shares.

Universal Detection (UNDT:OB) At some point the most active list will change, but for now UNDT seems to be on it frequently despite a lackluster performance. Shares closed flat today at 0.0003 on volume of a little more than 14.6 million.

Greenshift Corporation (GERS:OB) GERS is the lowest price of this bunch and closed at 0.0001 to end the day even on volume of 14,150,000.

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Clearwire (CLWR:NASDAQ) Shares of Clearwire were up nicely today in anticipation of earnings. In the aftermarket they also remain near where they closed. On the surface CLWR had a decent release. Revenue was up and losses subsided. CLWR also feels they can beat the streets subscriber target of 10 million. But was today’s move higher just short covering before numbers ? Keep in mind that there is still a downside gap to fill at $1.64.

Mosiac (MOS:NYSE) MOS looked great last week and not so hot today. Although there seems to be a basing process going on with the Ag’s, they need to actually break out. Maybe M&A will help the group, but something needs to happen fast before lower lows start getting set.

JP Morgan (JPM:NYSE) Shares of the bell weather financial had a decent day, outperforming the market, but the volume was sort of light for a move of roughly 2.5%. Patience might pay off in this name once the European mess gets off the front page. Bulls might say that the recent pullback was just a gap fill.

Molycorp (MCP:NYSE) Do you realize that you could have bought MCP under $30 earlier this month ? Don’t feel so bad, even speculative traders shy away from names like these on dips. MCP seems to be stabilizing in the mid to high $30′s, but needs something other than higher REE spot prices to really break out. So keep looking for news out of Washington or China for the next move. Also, the $36.50 level looks pretty solid for support.

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