Groupon (GRPN:NYSE) Despite the drama concerning the company’s financials, Groupon hasn’t turned into the next Pandora (P:NYSE) IPO bust just yet. Although shares have closed at their lowest point since the offering, today’s down market might have something to do with it. A bounce tomorrow might cause some naked shorts to cover, or some bottom fishers to actually fish. Today’s low of $22.76 could be used as a guide for support.

Imperva (IMPV:NASDAQ) IMPV was viewed as a flat to up slightly deal by some IPO services as recently as October. However, the interest heated up massively in the last week or so. IMPV was priced at $18, well above it’s expected range. My sense tells me if the broader averages did better today, this small float deal would have really ripped. Keep IMPV on you list of stocks for the near term.

JP Morgan (JPM:NYSE) As many of our followers know, we highlight JPM frequently because of it’s bell weather status. Today’s move of down more than 7% looks disturbing on the surface, but the volume, although heavy wasn’t overwhelming. Use the $31 area as support for now if long.

Clearwire (CLWR:NASDAQ) Seems to be back in the doldrums again. How many times do low priced NASDAQ spec traders need to be whipsawed in this name ? Shares of CLWR are at a critical point here, and a hold of the low $1.70′s could cause some of the cult buyers to average in.

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DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE IPO Brings Mixed feelings

delphi automotive ipo DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE IPOThe Delphi Automotive IPO could bring up some mixed feelings for some investors. Back in 1999 the company’s IPO did very well, trading up almost 10% on the first day after being spun off by General Motors (GM:NYSE). At that time, some investors were looking for nuts and bolts stocks to rotate into because of rising internet sector valuations.

However, the Delphi Automotive IPO buyers who held the shares for the long haul were disappointed. The company started laying off employees in 2001, and changed it’s name from Delphi Automotive Systems to Delphi Corporation shortly after. Scrutiny from the SEC came in 2004 in regards to accounting practices, and certain transactions. Then in 2005 Delphi filed for bankruptcy.


Now why are we seeing renewed interest now in the upcoming revamped Delphi Automotive IPO? Is it just a recycled deal ? Or have conditions changed for the better?
Well the jury is still out, and as most know the IPO market is iffy at best. Many of the recent deals that have traded, seem to be at the mercy of the premarket S&P futures to decide their opening pops or declines.

Many of the old school Delphi investors know that the company was bleeding money earlier in the decade, however conditions have changed. So far in the last two years, the company has been extremely profitable, and margins have been healthy as well.

At this point the Delphi Automotive IPO is slated to trade in Mid-November, and they are intending to issue 24.1 million shares in a range between $22 and $24.

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Genta (GNTA) was off 5.88 percent today on volume of almost 95.5 million shares. GNTA closed at 0.0016 down 0.0001 for the day.

Pegasus Tel (PTEL) is another familiar name on this list. Shares closed flat for the day at 0.0001 on volume of more than 50 million shares.

Greenshift Corporation (GERS) also closed at 0.0001 to finish the day flat on volume of almost 47 million shares. Both PTEL and GERS are well known by sub penny stock traders.

Attitude Drinks (ATTD) popped onto the most active bulletin board list last week and now seems to be a regular. Shares of ATTD had a nice day and closed at 0.0041 up 20.59 percent for the day. The volume exceeded 43 million shares.

Universal Detection (UNDT) has the potential to be one of the go to penny stocks during heightened security periods in the United States. Just keep in mind that UNDT is probably best viewed as a trading vehicle, not a fundamental play. Still UNDT has shown life recently, and despite trading even today at 0.0002, and volume exceeded 25 million shares.

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Oil Services ETF (OIH:NYSE) Oil has been flying for about a month and many traders feel that a test of the $100 psyche level is possible in the short term. This is obviously good for OIH longs, However, shares of this ETF were under $100 as recently as October and are close to overbought territory. Although, a break of $135.92 on strong volume, might cause some shorts to panic.

Mosiac (MOS:NYSE) It’s the same story over and over again for Mosaic. Shares look strong one week and are about to breakout, and then they decline and look like garbage again. Right now, shares to seem to be in an uptrend again, but need to break $62.65. Some commodity longs have used the Ag stocks as a hideout for exposure in the space, but real conviction is need for MOS for it to be more than a channel trading stock.

PF Chang’s China Bistro (PFCB:NASDAQ) PFCB has been out of favor for a few month’s, and shares have been over $53 within the last 52 weeks. But today’s Landry’s buyout of McCormick & Schmick’s for a 29% premium to Monday’s close might open some eyes to other names. Add PFCB and other restaurant laggards to your list of stocks, just in case M&A heats up.

Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) This last pullback from the high’s was sharp. So unless you are in the long term holder mindset, there are probably better banks to swing trade on the long side. This recent downtrend puts a retest of the $6 handle back in play.

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Clearwire (CLWR:NASDAQ) The day after earnings, shares of CLWR have pulled back. Even more so after the CEO’s mid-day comments.Yesterday we highlighted that Wednesday’s move could have been due to short covering and that the $1.64 gap fill still remains in play. A neutral view might be best on CLWR unless you are a micro scalper or rebate trader.

NASDAQ ETF (QQQ:NYSE) The only reason I am mentioning this ETF is that it could be a mover if the Groupon IPO works in a big way. You know as well as I do that the talking heads on cable news can change their opinions quickly. If Groupon trades at a better than expected premium, hedge funds could bid up NASDAQ futures or simply just by the Q’s in anticipation of expanding valuations of upcoming IPO’s with strong VC backers.

Oil Services ETF (OIH:NYSE) Shares of this volatile ETF are up nicely so far today, although on volume too light to claim a reversal. However, if the consensus changes, and the long term view of the economy gets better, then oil stocks might catch a bid. OIH just filled an upside gap, but the chart is very choppy, and it’s hard to make a call for short term swing traders. However, any type of rally could cause a retest of the $136 area.

Washington Mutual (WAMUQ.PK) We keep talking about this zombie penny stock players dream, but it’s been dead for both bulls and bears. Like many bankruptcy plays WAMUQ is prone to year end tax selling, which is starting now. Longs should hope that it holds the 0.067 level holds.

Mistral Ventures (MILV.PK) This low priced stock has all the fixings of a hot penny stock with PR’s about medicine the common cold and very nice chart. But as in all pink sheets plays, the jury is still out. Although shares seem to be making a constructive pullback today, a break of the .10 cent level might be the only thing that will rattle naked shorts unless substantive news is announced or a flu epidemic occurs.

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