CGFIA Announces A Merger

CGFIA CGFIABuilding through acquisition is normal for many penny stocks and Colorado Goldfields (CGFIA.PK). Today, CGFIA issued a PR that announced a Memorandum of Understanding with American Sierra Gold to execute a merger between the two companies. This deal is the fourth acquisition that CGFIA has made.

CGFIA also engaged in a little fluff today. They highlighted the fact that there shareholder base has now grown to 15k. Now with gold flying for the last few years and CGFIA being in play from time to time, medals shouldn’t be handed out for an expanded shareholder base. However, in the past, many have been drawn into stories similar to this one.

Despite CGFIA being the most active penny stocks on the board today, buyers didn’t show conviction. Shares of CGFIA closed down 33.33% on volume of 742,962,882, and simply just traded the spread as many sub penny stocks do.

CGFIA Stock Very Active

Fundamentally speaking, lost 567.93k, and has only 11.03k in cash. CGFIA also has 935.42k in debt. However, as we have mentioned many times here at PSE before, penny stocks are news and event driven. Investors basically understand that they have to live with inferior financials etc. when they purchase low priced stocks.

There is also another area of concern regarding CGFIA, and it’s the stocks’ trading pattern. Despite a fairly active stream of news, shares have been in a mild downtrend for a while, and have not traded over a penny since 2009. So is CGFIA merely a liquidation penny stock ? Probably not. Although CGFIA ahould be added to your penny stock list, just take the increased message board activity and volume surges at face value.

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The Answer To How Much is Gold Worth

how much is gold worth HOW TO KNOW HOW MUCH IS GOLD WORTHIt is important to know how much is gold worth, whether you intend to buy gold jewelry or invest in gold in the stock market. Gold is favored as an asset because it provides a significantly lower risk compared to other investment, and you can liquidate your gold very quickly. Here are some ways of knowing the value of gold.

Sources of Learning How Much Is Gold Worth

Authentic jewelers are very up-to-date when it comes to understanding how much is gold worth. If you have rings, bracelets, watches, earrings or other accessories made from gold, simply go to your local certified jeweler for an evaluation of your gold items. Jewelers also buy gold items from clients at a good rate, so it is also a good way of getting cash for your items.

If you want to know how much is gold worth for the sake of purchasing gold bars or coins, or even for gold teeth, for example, the best place to check is the stock exchange rates for gold. The price is usually set per ounce, so you can calculate the price of the gold according to the quantity you need. Keep in mind that the gold prices are influenced by several factors, including oil prices, the density of the gold, hoarding practices among others.

One more method of finding out how much is gold worth is by using online gold calculators. All you need is the weight of the gold, either in grams or ounces, which is then automatically converted into karats. The value of the gold calculated according to the market price of gold at that moment. You can find a gold calculator simply by searching for one on search engines. Choose gold calculators that are developed or affiliated to the stock exchange in order to get the most accurate price for your gold.

Why You Should Know How Much Is Gold Worth

Knowing the price of your gold is most useful when it comes to selling it, in which case most people get shortchanged. Gold buyers will generally offer you a wide range of values which are usually much less than the actual value of your gold, so understand how much is gold worth and ask for fair prices.

Be wary about selling your gold online since a great majority of gold buying websites give you as low as 8%, or even less, of the actual market price for gold. Always find out the value of gold through the above methods and start with a good estimate of how much is gold worth before selling it to any type of gold buyer.

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Gold Mutual Funds And Other Gold Investment Options

gold mutual funds INVESTING IN GOLD MUTUAL FUNDSIf you want to invest in gold then you have the choice between buying bullion, buying shares or investing in gold mutual funds. All of these investments are associated with gold and are somewhat affected by gold’s price performance in the market. However, each has its own drawbacks and advantages when it comes to exposing your portfolio to precious metals.

Bullion is an actual quantity of gold. When you invest in gold mutual funds this way you actually buy pieces of gold, either in the form of coins, bars or ingots. Many people prefer this method of investment because the physical presence of the gold is reassuring to them. However, gold in this form is not as easily traded as other types of gold investments.

Another way to invest in gold is through purchasing equities in companies that mine gold or explore for it. These investments are risky because they depend on the company’s fundamentals rather than the actual price of gold. However, many people enjoy the research required to determine if a company is a solid investment or not.

Gold mutual funds are a way to diversify your holdings in gold, reduce your personal financial risk and also put the hard work of research and planning into the hands of a professional. Professionals with a great deal of experience and knowledge about the gold market manage these gold mutual funds and guide them on a daily basis. They also incorporate investments which support gold indirectly without being direct investments in the substance itself.

The Qualities Of Gold Mutual Funds

Most gold mutual funds follow strict guidelines about the investments which constitute their funds. As an example, one of these gold mutual funds maintains about 65 percent of its holding either in companies that are directly involved in exploring for gold, mining it or processing the ore that these companies extract from the ground. They include in that quantity many investments in bullion.

However, the other 35 percent may come from companies that support gold production less directly, such as in the designing and engineering of equipment used in mining. They also invest in small quantities of other precious metals, such as copper, silver and platinum. This diversification prevents loss in the case of a drop in the price of bullion. The value of gold mutual funds lies in their ability to profit from more than just one sector of the gold market.

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Investing In Blanchard Gold

buying coins from blanchard gold BUYING COINS FROM BLANCHARD GOLDBlanchard Gold is one of the largest gold dealers in the United States. If you are in the process of investing in gold coins and gold bullion, you should consider the benefits of buying your gold from Blanchard Gold. The company offers a comprehensive website that is easy to navigate through for consumers who want to buy rare gold coins that hold their value. If you are looking for a hedge against today’s poor economic climate, browse the gold coins offered by Blanchard and choose Blanchard are your gold dealer of choice.

Blanchard Gold Business History

One of the primary factors you should consider when you are choosing a gold dealer is experience. Blanchard was founded in 1975 and has more than 35 years of experience in the industry. With over 85 employees and 40 account executives, the companies employees a wide staff base to service their clientele. The company has a very impressive corporate office in New Orleans and has sold coins and other rare earth metals to more than 400,000 clients.

The Blanchard Gold Customer Service Standard

There is no denying the fact that Blanchard Gold has high standards concerning the coins they buy and sell. Blanchard also has very high standards when it comes to customer service. They are waiting to service you and believe that customers should not have to wait on hold to do business with their company. All of the products sold through Blanchard are delivered through the Post Office and the packages are registered and fully insured.

How to Purchase Coins From Blanchard Gold

If you know exactly what type of coins you are looking for, like Blanchard Gold, and you have access to the Internet, you can browse the catalog online and place your order. If you prefer to talk to account specialists on the phone, you can call the company directly for advice or assistance. When you advise a customer service agent that you want to buy coins, the price will be locked in and you can make the purchase by phone. You can pay by credit card, personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or wire transfer. When you buy online, you may qualify for a “Bill Me” option.

Coin collectors and gold investors know how important it is to find a gold dealer they can trust. If you are looking for rare American Eagles or gold bullion, trust Blanchard Gold and find the metals you are looking for.

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LSTG Stock Rebounds

lone star gold lstg LONE STAR GOLD   LSTGGold made a nice rebound today, and a further move higher could impact gold penny stocks like Lone Star Gold (LSTG:OB). LSTG is based in Albuequeque, New Mexico and is an exploration stage company that also is attempting to grow via acquisition.

LSTG has properties here in the United States and also in Mexico. The company’s signature property is the La Candelaria project. LSTG owns 70% of the gold and silver project. The property is almost 2000 acres and by some accounts, has massive potential. Some have stated that the potential value of the underlying gold and silver is in the billions.

Shares of LSTG are currently a promo play, and the stock closed up at $1.12, which was a little under a 3% gain on volume of a little over 626K. The activity was better than normal, but no records were set.

LSTG Stock Risky Investment

On a technical basis, LSTG faces strong resistance at the $1.35 level, but has decent short term support around the “psyche level” of $1.

At this point, a wise speculative trader should be keeping his eye on PR’s, volume and the direction the underlying commodities of gold and silver. Also, forget the lofty valuation comparisons to mid cap and large cap gold names. LSTG is just too unproven at this point. The company has a market cap of roughly $129 million and just 12k in cash.

However, as many of you have read in our alerts, there is money to be made in hot penny stocks if you view them solely as trading vehicles.

Now if you are into speculative gold related spec names, add the company to your penny stock list. Just keep in mind that history tells us that Lone Star Gold (LSTG:OB) LSTG is risky and probably won’t be a blue chip stock by next year.

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