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Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) Buffet buys and lends confidence to the name, but BAC CEO Moynihan loses credibility at the same time. How weird is this ? Fast Money’s Cortes and Najarian were not very bullish for the short term, so the early AM move might signal nothing more than a short covering pop. Just remember, even though Buffet hit home runs with Goldman Sachs (GS:NYSE) and General Electric (GE:NYSE) during the Lehman Crisis, the Oracle of Omaha still receives better terms on his purchases than the Average Joe does. So take this booster shot with lightly if you have a short term perspective. Also watch for an upcoming piece from PSE on BAC Warrants.

aapl Breaking News   BAC and AAPLApple Computer (AAPL:NYSE) The Steve Jobs news has essentially been baked into the cake for some time. Weak hands seemed to be the cause of the $357.00 print earlier on Thursday, and shares of AAPL have consequently rebounded. In other words, this move somewhat was expected and bottom fishers stepped in and were rewarded handsomely. On a technical basis, the weekly chart shows that AAPL has tremendous support in the low $350′s range. Remember that even though skeptics will say AAPL is done, they still have $76 billion in cash reserves and products that stores can’t keep on the shelves.
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We are back with some names to add to your list of stocks. These companies range from large caps to penny stocks, and hopefully this piece gives you an edge for Friday’s session. The stocks are listed below:

Honda Motor (HMC:NYSE) Shares of HMC have seemed to find a bottom, and are at the highs of the week, but HMC’s chart is lacking strong support at lower prices.

Holloman Energy Corporation (HENC:OB) Shares were up over 161 %, but the dollar volume wasn’t especially significant. Add to your penny stock list in case of follow through on Friday morning by momentum players.

Radient Pharmaceuticals (RPC:AMEX) We have mentioned this one here before, and still follow it. Because a while back we issued an alert on this AMEX penny stock that produced a home run some time ago. However, RPC just defaulted on a loan and the stock was crushed. Please remember that this stock often moves when you least expect it. So keep RPC on your watchlist in case of some repair type PR out of the company.

Potash (POT:NYSE) Can’t get my arms around this one. Shares of this day traders dream were down again today despite the reversal and weak dollar. Is everyone almost washed out for the short term ? Or does POT test the $50 psyche number ?

Geeknet (GKNT:NASDAQ) Shares were up almost 5% today and are the fastest trending stock on Yahoo Market Pulse at the time of this piece. Could do well if we rally tomorrow. GNKT has some insider buying in the open market too. Small size, but still a vote of confidence.

General Motors (GM:NYSE) The U.S. Treasury indicated today that GM could have a stock offering in August or September. So it’s still a little too early for shorts to jump on for the dilution.

Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) Once again, BAC is the most active stock on the NYSE and closed down despite the reversal in the Dow. Usually not a good sign

Cascadia Investments (CDIV.PK) This pink sheet penny stock once had a cult following. Has also done well on a percentage basis since April. But where has all the volume gone ?

Molycorp (MCP:NYSE) The flagship rare earth stock had a nice day and is the type of stock that moves in market reversals. Help from the other commodity stocks wouldn’t hurt either. Remember though, this one isn’t for the feint of heart.

3Power Energy Group (PSPW:OB) Doubled today and is the most active stock message board on IHUB. Should be interesting on Friday, especially when you think of some other recent penny stock runs.

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