YIPI Stock Price Have Investors Confused

yipi YIPPY INC.Yippy Inc. (YIPI.PK) is an interesting story that is quite different from other penny stock scenarios. YIPI is best known for it’s search engine, which somewhat resembles Google’s homepage. As far as the stock price is concerned, YIPI has been an enigma to longs who have been in the name for the last couple of years.

Shares of YIPI closed on Tuesday at .40 cents on light volume of 77,737 shares after trading over $3 as recently as 2010. The shorter term trend has been miserable too, in July the stock was trading at $1.52.

Now YIPI is not your typical pink sheets penny stock, mainly because they are have a product that is known to many. At last check, Yippy.com was ranked 26,748 on Alexa.com, whose site monitors internet traffic. While YIPI’s Alexa ranking is fairly impressive, the traffic has not been properly monetized.

On the PR side though, YIPI has been fairly astute. They issued releases involving an NFL related search engine and a deal with Gale Cengage. Both obviously big names. However, history has shown us that it’s difficult to gain traction in the highly competitive search engine space. So announcements like these tend to be more sizzle than steak.

YIPI Has Huge Upside

YIPI‘s management team also tried to put a positive spin on an event that knocked the shares down to the level that they are at today. In the simplest terms, YIPI had two outstanding promissory notes with Vivisimo Inc. that totaled $5 million. YIPI then engaged in negotiations and ironed out an agreement to give Vivisimo 2.5 million shares of restricted stock at $2 per share.

A PR was then issued by YIPI focusing on the favorable terms that they received. But ask your self this questions. Is YIPI cash poor ? And did Vivisimo take the shares with the view that something is better than nothing with the intention of selling the YIPI shares when the lockup expires and gaining a tax loss ?

These are issues that traders have to consider in the wild world of penny stocks. So at this point look for more color from us on this name. Despite the downtrend in the shares, YIPI is still senstive to news and can potentially be used as a trading vehicle.

So add YIPI to your penny stock list on a just in case basis.

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