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Monday August 29th 2011

Apparently there has been no follow through so far in NNAN. Natural Nano (NNAN.OB) is a nanomaterials stock that has a cancer twist to it. NNAN‘s sexy story has also brought many penny stock scalpers off of the sidelines and into the stock.

However, Dr Michael King, who is a researcher for Cornell University apparently made a presentation at a Cancer Summit in Washington last week, but no PR has been released with the text from the conference.

At the time of this entry Natural Nano is trading exactly flat, but penny stock investors should ask themselves one question. Why didn’t Natural Nano release Dr. Kings recent findings ?

The management team of Natural Nano seems to usually be efficient when releasing PR’s. For instance, they recently announced that the company had a 54% increase in sales and reduced their operating losses by 75%.

To the naked eye of a penny stock trader, these results seem impressive, but others have poked holes in these numbers as well. For instance, NNAN currently only has 7k in cash and the company’s liabilities dwarf their meager cash position ?

Does this mean some sort of private placement or cash infusion is on the way ? Is a big promo coming ? Only time will tell, but for now, as we said before, just monitor the PR’s. Especially the text of Dr. King’s presentation. Either way, regardless of your bias, keep Natural Nano on your penny stock list.

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Natural Nano (NNAN) Stock Soars

NNAN Natural Nano   NNANOn Wednesday, those who were lucky enough, saw massive percentage gains in shares of Natural Nano (OTC:NNAN). Shares were up 240% at one point in the day and traded over 132 million shares. Now that is impressive volume, despite the fact that Natural Nano is a sub penny stock.

Shares of Natural Nano rallied on the news of a presentation by Dr. Michael King who engages in research at Cornell University. Dr. King was slated to speak yesterday on the subject of Natural Nano‘s Halloysite Nanotubes, and how they target cancer cells. The conference was Dr. King spoke at was held in Washington.

Now at the time of this entry, no text of Dr. King’s presentation have been released, and shares have pulled back 25%. So was this recent PR just fluff ? Well that remains to be seen. As we have mentioned before, penny stocks are generally event or news driven investments. That is simply why they are so speculative, and Natural Nano is no different from the rest. Especially since it’s a cancer related penny stock.

Natural Nano Making A Splash

Now at this point, it’s probably best to wait for the text of Dr.. King’s presentation to be released by the company before acting. If Dr. King was well received, Natural Nano could obviously spin this in a positive manner, and bring even more sub penny players in from the sidelines.

Natural Nano has already broken last May’s weekly volume record and is now on the radar of many penny stock traders and IHUB message board followers. So add Natural Nano NNAN to your penny stock list and keep a close eye on the company’s next PR.

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