JPM WARRANTS JPM WARRANTSI would be willing to bet that if you asked 100 investors about JPM warrants, most would guess that they don’t exist. Well guess what ? They do. They also offer speculative investors a more leveraged and riskier way to play the common shares (JPM:NYSE).

Even though JPM has been in a massive downtrend since August, many traders feel that the company is still the cream of the financial crop. Despite the fact that the shares dipped below $30 earlier this month.

But now might be the time where bottom fishers start taking a harder look at the company and specifically, the JPM Warrants because of their upside and intermediate term expiration date.

It’s common knowledge that Wall St., the print media and cable talking heads have been extremely negative on not only the global economy, but the broader averages as well. This wreaks of opportunity to contrarian players who have historically been profitable when sentiment has turned as bad as it currently is.

Just keep in mind that a common denominator amongst these value players is to buy quality on the cheap. In other words these buyers don’t step into ordinary NASDAQ stocks just because they are down 40% from the highs. They tend to stick with brand names and JPM seems to fit that bill.

JPM WARRANTS Has Investors Watching

On a technical basis, JPM has some built in short term support in the $28.50 range. Fundamentally speaking, JPM is currently trading at a discount to it’s book value of $44.06 and has a P/E of only 6.51.

Now by no means are we suggesting that you jump into JPM warrants on Thursday, but if you intend to speculate it might make some sense to put a quality name on your watchlist. Especially because you don’t have to use margin to buy warrants. Essentially JPM warrants should be viewed as a leap option.

Here are the terms below :

JPM Warrants have a strike price of $42.42 and expire on 10/28/2018.

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