Jammin Java Midday Update

Are LEXG funds Rotating to JAMN ?

Shares of Jammin Java (JAMN.OB) have absoloutely positively ripped since our alert to subscribers. Right now, at the time of this piece, JAMN is up over 30% for the day. The coffee company has issued a research report and several PR’s that have caught the attention of several penny stock investors. At this point JAMN is trading like a typical hot penny stock, with higher highs on strong volume day after day.

Since this update is somewhat time sensitive, we won’t rehash the JAMN story, because we did that in our initial alert and consequent follow ups Right now we want you to think outside the box, industry leaders like Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR:NASDAQ) and Caribou Coffee (CBOU:NASDAQ) are both down a little bit today, and JAMN has traded significantly higher against the group. Although this is purely rumor, there has been some chatter today in the penny stock community that same PR team that was behind Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG:OB) may get involved in the stock. This rumor could be bringing penny stock longs off the sideline and into JAMN. If you are one of our subscribers who took profits early on this one, that’s OK. You will have other chances. You never go broke taking a profit, but everyone else should add JAMN to their penny stock list immediately. Last week we touched on the theory that the LEXG profits may rotate somewhere. So maybe they have started rolling into JAMN. Only time will tell.

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Jammin’ Java – Did You Buy The Pullback?

jammin java Jammin JavaEarlier this month we issued an alert to our subscribers to add Jammin JavaJAMN.OB (see coffee stocks) to their list of penny stocks and hopefully purchase shares. At PennyStockExplosion.com we constantly preach preperation. Preparing to invest can be as important as the execution price on the buy or sell side. This means you have to form a list, watch for quality PR’s, monitor message borads and go over your charts.

Once again today Jammin Java is pressing up against the $2 mark and our subscribers had the opportunity to buy in the low $1.40′s. Now what did we see that others didn’t ? Why were we issuing a buy alert when it seemed others were selling ? Well, it’s pretty simple, and has little to do with fundamentals. The thought process is not the same, but it’s similar to what penny stock scalpers do, we read charts.

On April 13, JAMN dropped from it’s high of $1.95, all the way down with a close of $1.25. At this point, we identified a chart pattern that resembled a “double bottom”. The term double bottom is self explanatory, but this pattern is played mostly from the long side. For instance, on April 13, an astute penny stocks trader may have purchased JAMN, at let’s say for arguments sake $1.43. This same trader would also set some sort of down side limit, which happened to be in the area of where the double bottom was formed. Although Jammin Java never pulled back to the mid $1.20′s, it may have been wise for buyers to sell at that level and take a loss. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hot penny stock or not.

So do your homework and study your charts. Technical analysis, doesn’t only apply to stocks like Cisco Systems (CSCO:NASDAQ) and Netflix (NFLX:NASDAQ) , it applies to penny stocks too.

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