EVCA Gaining Popularity

evcarco evca EVCARCO   EVCAAs evidenced by the last few days of trading, Evcarco (EVCA:OB)is a penny stock that is catching the attention of speculative investors who are looking to take advantage of the potential in the electric car market.

Earlier today, we noted that EVCA was the most active bulletin board stock in the entire market. Shares closed up 37.50 percent on volume of 71,108,661 shares. For
those who are not familiar with EVCA, the Fort Worth,Texas based company is essentially a car dealer who specializes in selling green cars, as opposed to Tesla (TSLA:NASDAQ) who actually produces and manufactures vehicles.

Now while investing in the electric car market remains sexy, there are still some concerns to think about. Gas prices seem to be going lower based on the global economic slowdown, and President Obama’s environmental initiatives have done little to help green stocks. In other words companies like EVCA remain concept stocks, which typically don’t work well in down markets.

EVCA Showing Strong Signs

Fundamentally, EVCA isn’t exactly a blue chip either. As of the latest reports EVCA did a little more than 775k in revenue and has about 844k in debt, with a little less than 50k in cash. Keep in mind that the profit margins in the auto dealership industry are generally considered thin.

Does that mean that you can’t profit from being long Evcarco (EVCA:OB) ? Absolutely not. This sub penny stock is in somewhat of a downtrend, but there seems to be evidence of a basing pattern.

There is also a school of thought that feels that commodity prices will rise again once the European Crisis is settled. As most know, a good old spike in oil is never bad for green related names. But for now, just be aware of the recent volume surge in this electric car name and also watch TSLA as a guide for the interest in the industry. Regardless of your bias add EVCA to your penny stock list on a just in case basis.

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