Netflix (NFLX:NASDAQ) As of this morning, shares of NFLX are rallying on the open, despite the broader averages being down sharply. It might not be time to act yet, but keep in mind that NFLX was over $300 this past summer. There does seem to be several layers of support in the low $100 range.

Molycorp (MCP:NYSE) Many were predicting a bubble in the space, but many thought it would come at higher prices. MCP remains a tremendous trading stock despite pricing pressure. There seems to be some support in the $30ish range.

Goldman Sachs (GS:NYSE) There is an opinion out there that if you believe in America, you buy stocks like GS when they are beaten up. Well if you like the financials, GS might be your play. However, the stock could be in trouble if it breaks the $86 range.

NYSE Euronext (NYX:NYSE) As most know, exchanges are super market sensitive in market declines. Just keep in mind that this merger stock is still paying more than a 4% yield. John Paulson also has a stake in the name.

Clearwire (CLWR:NASDAQ) We frequently touch on CLWR and have not been fans of the name. Even after the Sprint (S:NYSE) related hype came in. But right now, CLWR has and upside gap to fill at $2.30, and the company does have a cult like following of low priced bottom fishers. Use the $2 level as a gauge for support in case the is a run on stop orders.

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Yahoo (YHOO:NASDAQ) Not so long ago Carol Bartz was deemed the savior of YHOO. Well things change quickly. Bartz failed to unlock the perceived shareholder value in YHOO and shares are not too far from 52 week lows. Watch for potential takeover rumors to develop when a new CEO is announced.

Findex (FIND.OB)
Our subscribers knocked it out of the ballpark on Friday when we released FIND as a PSE subscriber alert to savvy sub penny investors. We mentioned to not buy the gap up and it worked perfectly as many took huge profits. FIND was off today, as profit taking prevailed, but could remain a quality trading vehicle for penny scalpers. Keep FIND on your penny stock list just in case we decide to go back in to this penny tech name.

Clearwire (CLWR:NASDAQ) Shares of CLWR are starting to look like dead money at best again. CLWR share price failed to capitalize on the recent misfortune of AT&T. Some small insider selling of CLWR also showed up. Once again this name is one that should be avoided. There are far better bargains with less debt out there.

Gold Trust ETF (GLD:NYSE) A reversal to the downside like GLD had today is usually not a bullish sign on a short term basis. Even for the strongest goldbugs. It looks as if the trend of GLD going opposite the broader markets is still in place. Wednesday’s action in GLD could be interesting with Obama’s new job package in play. Short term traders should remember that there is a downside gap to fill right below $178.

Mediatechnics (MEDT) MEDT is the currently the most active IHUB message board and they came out with some fluffy solar related news last week. But shares have been strong and are currently in an uptrend. MEDT closed up 32% on Tuesday, and are close to breaking out of sub penny land. Remember to use these sub penny stocks as trading vehicle, because they can get ugly when the music stops.

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Stock Split Strategy

stock split Stock SplitIt’s no secret that retail investors love a good stock split story. Although the impact of a split has no bearing on the fundamentals of company or an investors account value.

Companies generally hope that the sheer hype of a stock split announcement will generate media attention and consequently increase investor interest. Usually, an pending split works on traders psyche in a positive fashion, but to buy stock split stories just for the sake of a split just simply isn’t the right thing to do.

However, there is a valid reason for a company to announce a stock split, and it generally happens with rising small caps that have only been public for 1 to 3 years. Let’s just say stock XYZ has been flying, and it also has an incredible product, plus revenue growth that is off the charts. Now let’s also assume that stock XYZ has also just turned a profit and major institutions are starting to get interested.

High Growth Stock Split

Keep in mind that while hedge funds will play these thin, illiquid, volatile stocks, mutual fund companies generally shy away. Mainly because floats are too low, and a 5 or 6% position in the stock would do little to impact the percentage return of the mutual fund. But if an upcoming high growth stock split is in the works, you often see the interest of mutual fund companies perk up.

On the other hand, there are some companies like Google (GOOG:NYSE) and Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) that prefer to keep their share price high for not only prestige, but to limit involvement from short term traders, which consequently reduces volatility.

Stock Split Plays

In closing here are a few stock split plays that are occurring in the near term, with their ratio and payable dates:

Polaris Inds. (PII:NYSE) 2/1 forward split, pay-date is 9/12/2011
Eastman Chemical (EMN:NYSE) 2/1 forward split, pay-date is 10/3/2011
Quality Systems (QSII:NASDAQ) 2/1 forward split, pay-date is 10/26/2011

We will also be including color on upcoming stock split situations in our Stocks in Play entries.

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Clorox (CLX:NYSE) Ichan is back in CLX once again. This time he raised his bid from $10.2 billion to $10.7 billion. Keep in mind that CLX is exactly the type of name that risk averse investors like to stay with in uncertain markets. Plus, CLX is currently paying a dividend in excess of 3.5%, which is nothing to sneeze at considering today’s bond yields.

Crowne Ventures (CRWV.OB) There has been talk of a major short squeeze, multi billion dollar gold properties,and a strong promo behind CRWV. However, shares are currently down for the day. However, the dollar volume is very for a penny stock, and astute traders can use CRWV as a liquid trading vehicle.

Washington Mutual (WAMUQ.PK) When is WAMUQ going to just lay down and die ? Well that is yet to be seen, and penny stock scalpers continue to earn livings off of WAMUQ, despite the decreased summer volume. In a prior piece, we highlighted the 6.5 cent level as strong support. Currently it still looks wise to use that level.

Power Shares DB Gold Double (DZZ:NYSE) It seems like one day gold is overbought and the next day we see gold bugs staying aggressive. Remember that the 2x short DZZ is essentially used for super short term trading. Use another vehicle if you have a longer term short bias on the yellow precious metal. Despite DZZ’s longer term technicals being a mess for longs, the shorter term charts show support right below the $4 range.

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Potash (POT:NYSE) One day traders are hot on the Ag stocks and the next day they are not.POT held support in the $50 but has a mini double top to break in the $57.75 range.A break of $62 could send POT off to the races.

Gold SPDR ETF (GLD:NYSE) Gold rebounded nicely after the recent margin requirement news. Keep in mind that it took 7 raises of margin requirements to slow silver down. Use GLD as a guide not only for miners and gold penny stocks, but for the broader markets as well. A break of $175.13 could squeeze more shorts.

Research in Motion (RIMM:NASDAQ) I know RIMM longs must be sick of hearing takeover rumors, but they must be happy about the recent technical action. RIMM has shown some nice volume on it’s up days recently and seems like it probably won’t turn into the next Nokia (NOK:NYSE). However, there is no reason to get involved on the long side until a breakout happens.

Juhl Wind JUHL.OB) This wind penny stock reversed it’s downward trend after earnings and is trading flat today on lighter volume. JUHL has a balance sheet that most penny stocks strive for because they actually produce revenue and operating income. Add JUHL to you penny stock list.

Transatlantic Petroleum (TAT:AMEX) This AMEX energy penny stock seems to be reversing. TAT is currently the 2nd most active stock on the American Exchange today. Maybe the recent insider buying is waking investors up ? As of the close on Wednesday, TAT has a market cap of $398 million.

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