Real Free Penny Stocks Picks

What are free penny stocks picks ? This is a term that many investors draw a blank on. Free penny stocks picks are basically alerts from subscription sites like this one.

free penny stocks picks Free Penny Stocks PicksNow there are different ways that regular subscribers play these penny stock names. The first way is to buy in the pre-market hoping for some follow through after the open of the market. The second way is a little more simplistic, but dangerous. Some investors simply enter market orders at the open. As we have noted in prior entries, entering market orders on volatile stocks is like playing with a loaded gun. It can often backfire. The last way that traders play free penny stocks picks takes a little more skill. These more experienced investors scalp the alerts for a few cents here and a few cents there. This type of trading takes a ton of skill, and novices should only attempt to try this using a very small dollar amount. Remember, some free penny stocks picks gap up once the alert is released, making it very difficult to go long for a quick scalp. Once again, if you try this for the first time, play very, very small.

Finding the right websites is also an important part of getting involved in free penny stocks picks. The best advice that I can give you is to monitor the track records of the respective websites. Some have tremendous track records, and others have none. After finding a few sites that have shown proven results, simply subscribe and then look for their emails. If you are thinking of the big picture, how much time does it take to read an email alert. One or two minutes ? And if you happen to like the sound of the idea research it a little further. Remember it is free to subscribe to most penny stock alert sites. So subscribe to a few and do your homework.

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