A Penny Stocks List to Keep Handy!

As you have read in our past blog entries, we have repeated mentioning that forming both a large cap and penny stocks list would be beneficial. As we have all realized, diversification and due diligence are key to avoiding mistakes in investing. For instance, just because you research a stock, doesn’t mean you have to buy or short it. Having excess information can only waste time, not money. So here is an example of some of the top and most heavily traded penny stocks formed in a list. Are these names rising stocks ? Or the next hot penny stocks? Nobody knows. However, these are probably some names you should get acquainted with if you are looking for liquid trading and investing opportunities.

1. Horiyoshi Worldwide (HHWW.OB)- Fashion based company
hhww logo 2011 Penny Stocks

2. Kunekt Corp. (KNKT.PK)- Mobile device Company
kunekt 2011 Penny Stocks

3. Health Med Services (HEME.PK) Web and telephone based medical information
healthmed services 2011 Penny Stocks

4. Alphatrade.com (APTD.OB) Digital media and marketing company
alphatrade 2011 Penny Stocks

5. Writ Grp film corp (WRIT.PK) Film and TV production

6. Gold American Mining Corp. (SILA.OB) Mineral development
gold american mining corp sila 2011 Penny Stocks

7. American Power Corp. (AMPW.OB) Commodity Exploration
american power corp 2011 Penny Stocks

8. Washington Mutual (WAMU.PK) Consumer and small banking
wamu bankruptcy 2011 Penny Stocks

9. Cascadia Investments (CDIV.PK) Internet gaming
cascadia investments 2011 Penny Stocks

10. Coastal Pacific Mining (CPMCF.OB) Mineral mining company
coastal pacific mining corp 2011 Penny Stocks

Please remember that these names are not necessarily long term investments, but all have the potential to become trading stocks. Rising stocks are not always purchased at high or lows. As you probably know, there is no exact science when it comes to investing. For instance, it seemed like nobody could pick the bottom when it came to investing in British Petroleum (BP:NYSE). However, those who were patient and prepared, turned above average profits in a short time period. I think it’s safe to say that some that most BP buyers were prepared and had a well thought out list of stocks.

So do you homework with the symbols provided above. All of these names have either made significant moves recently or trade with large amounts of liquidity. Some may end up being the hot penny stock in your portfolio and others may turn into duds. In either instance, taking a quick look at these names won’t hurt. Knowing multiple stories can only help in the never ending search for rising stocks and massive gains. So commit this penny stock list to your short term memory. Remember, hot penny stock trades don’t happen every minute.


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