NGMC – Next Generation Energy Massive Promo

ngmc next generation energy Next Generation Energy NGMCIt’s starting to look as if we could see a massive promo in shares of Next Generation Energy (NGMC.PK) next week. There has been chatter in the penny stock community that this Lorton, Virginia based pink sheets penny stock could be somewhat active based on last week’s PR of a purchase of 7,715 acres of natural gas and oil rights in Kentucky.

Although, NGMC isn’t an established player in the space, the property lies in the Denonian Shale area, and this does lend some credibility. However, there do appear to be some skeptics. Promo emails have gone out on the stock which was formerly known as Next Generation Media who apparently specialized in the direct mail space. Some have also pointed out that the company has basically been non-existent since 2007. So it’s obvious to see why some would question the change of a business from a media company to an energy play.

The Future for NGMC Traders

Now what does this mean for current and future NGMC traders and investors ? Well it’s pretty simple. If shares turn into a hot penny stock, you can sometimes turn a blind eye to the lack of fundamentals, just as long as you keep a super short term outlook and view the company as a trading vehicle. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that nimble penny stock traders profited from owning Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG:OB), which turned out to be little more than a shell and crushed longs who bought into the story and got greedy. This by no means is an endorsement of Next Generation Energy, but add NGMC to your penny stock list on a just in case basis.

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